How to Sign and Affix e-Meterai on Documents (Signer Side)

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Through Mekari Sign, document creators or Mekari Sign users can send documents to be signed to other parties. Later the signer will receive this information via email to then sign the document and affix the e-seal. Make sure the signer has registered an account at Mekari Sign.
Here are the steps.

  1. In the incoming email, to be able to immediately sign the document, you can click "Review & sign".
  2. Then you will be directed to the Mekari Sign page, and an information banner will appear at the top and click “I Agree”.
  3. To immediately sign, click “Start signing” in the top right corner.

    You can also click "More action" to perform actions such as:
    - Select Document info to view detailed document information.
    - Select Audit trail to view the audit trail of the document.
    - Select Download to download the document.
    - Select Decline to refuse to provide a signature.

  4. You can add eMeterai in the column provided.
  5. Because eMeterai are charged to you as the signer, you need to purchase eMeterai first. So in the information pop-up that appears, click "Buy eMeterai".
  6. You will be directed to the payment page and select your desired payment method.
  7. If you choose to use a virtual account, then select the bank you want and make the payment according to the instructions.
  8. If payment has been made, click "Confirm Payment".
  9. The Mekari Sign Finance Team will process your payment and top up your eMeterai balance. You can check your balance on the page
  10. The eMeterai that has been successfully added will look like the following.

    The number before the slash is the amount of usage (usage) and the number after the slash shows the total balance you have.

  11. If you already have a quota, you can return to the All Inboxes page and click "document name".
  12. Then click the "Sign" button to add the eMeterai and signature.
  13. Then, enter the signature and e-stamp by clicking the column provided.
  14. The signature and eMeterai that have been added will look like this.
  15. Select the type of signature you want, and click “Submit”.
  16. The signature and eMeterai that have been added will look like this. Please continue. If you have successfully affixed the eMeterai and signature, click "Finish" in the top right corner.
  17. So, the process of affixing the eMeterai and signature is complete.