How to Delegate Documents in Mekari Sign

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As a signatory, you can delegate documents that have been uploaded to other parties, for example to lawyers or others so that the documents can be reviewed and signed by interested parties. Here are the steps.

  1. Select the document to be forwarded then click "Down arrow".

    Document that can be delegated must have the status Need to sign. And documents can only be delegated to users registered with Mekari Sign.

  2. Then select Delegate signing.
  3. The following pop-up will appear then you can select the user to delegate the document to and enter the Reason in the column provided. And click “Delegate”.

    When you as the initial signer have delegated the document to another user, you will still be involved in the document as the recipient of the copy.

  4. Then the email received by the delegated user will look like this. And the user can sign or review the documents received.