How to do eKYC for Foreigners

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To be able to carry out the eKYC process, make sure that you have the documents that you need to sign , either documents that you created yourself and then need to sign yourself or from another document maker who invited you to sign the document.

If you  do not meet the criteria mentioned above , you cannot carry out the eKYC process, and when you click  "Start data verification" , you will be directed to the following screen.

This can be caused by:
1. You don't have the documents you need to sign yet.
2. Your previous eKYC verification process is still in progress.

At Mekari Sign, you can now carry out verification and the eKYC process, which functions to issue digital certificates, so that the electronic signature you provide is official and recognized by the private sector, government and the national justice system (according to the 2008 ITE Law article 11).  This certificate is valid for a year , so you can carry out the verification and eKYC process once a year. 

  1. Enter the Settings menu.
  2. Then click the “Digital Certificate” tab.
  3. Click “Start data verification”.
  4. Then in the Nationality  pop-up   that appears, select   Foreigner   (WNA) and select the identity document to be used.

    You need to prepare according to the identity document you choose, namely:
    eKTP : eKTP, Passport
    KITAP : KITAP, Passport, Proof of Employment
    KITAS : KITAS, Passport, Proof of Employment

  5. You will enter the user agreement page, then at the bottom, check the column provided to agree and click  "Activate account" .
  6. Then upload the identity document that you have previously selected.
  7. Enter   your NIK and full name in the columns provided. And click “Next”  to continue.
  8. Next, enter the OTP number that has been sent to your email. And click  "Send" .
  9. You have to carry out facial verification by clicking "Start" .
  10. Direct your face to the box provided.
  11. Then your face verification is in process.
  12. And your registration status will change to On review .
  13. If the process is successful, you will get a notification email like the following.

    If the eKYC verification process is rejected, you will be directed to carry out a manual eKYC verification process.

  14. Next, you need to confirm your identity. If it is correct, click "Confirm" .
  15. Then your eKYC is active.
  16. You can download eKYC by clicking “Download certificate” .