How to Create a Team on Mekari Sign

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In Mekari Sign, you can create and manage user access according to their roles through the Teams feature. Users registered in the team can work together to create documents and templates. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the Settings menu.
  2. In the User management section, click "Team"

A. How to Create a Team

  1. To create a new team, click “Create team”.
  2. In this section, you can enter team images (if required).
  3. Enter the team name in the Team name section.
  4. And enter a description of the team in the Description column.
  5. Then, enter the user you want to register in the team by clicking "Add member".
  6. Then click the “username” you want to choose.
  7. Then, click “Submit”.
  8. If everything is appropriate, click "Submit" to save.
  9. So the team has been successfully created.
  10. You can also change team information by clicking "Action" and selecting "Edit information" or deleting the team by selecting "Delete".
  11. Then click “Action” and select "Go to team space" to enter the team page.
  12. And the team page will look like this.

B. How to View Team Details

  1. You can also see the details of the team created by clicking "Action" then selecting "View details".
  2.  On this page, you can add members or users by clicking "Add member".
  3. At the top, there is an "Action" button that you can use to enter the team page, change team information and delete a team.
  4. You can also delete users in the team by clicking "Actions" in the username section, then selecting "Remove". Or select "Make team admin" to make the user a team admin.

That's the explanation of how to create a team at Mekari Sign. You can also learn how to manage users on Mekari Sign.