How to Sign Digital Documents in Bulk (Bulk Sign)

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Through Mekari Sign, you can sign many digital documents at once easily. Hence, you don't need to sign documents one by one. Mekari Sign collaborates with the Electronic Certification Organizer (PSrE), which facilitates you to have an electronic signature with legal force. Apart from that, this signature is also equivalent in validity to a wet signature.

If you are not a user who subscribes to Mekari Sign, but you are asked to sign a document, make sure that the Document Inviter who requested your signature has given you an eKYC quota. eKYC is a process that must be carried out if you want to use/provide a Certified Electronic Signature.

To sign digital documents in bulk via Mekari Sign, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Document menu and select All Inboxes.
  2. Then, you will be directed to the following page. Tick ​​the checkbox of any document you want to sign. Then, select “Actions” and click Sign.
  3. Then, you will be directed to the Preview page. You can click the “eye” icon to review your document. Or, click the “-” icon to remove it from the signature list. You can also change or create a new signature by clicking “Change eSignature”.

    - If you click the "eye" icon, a Document preview pop-up will appear as follows. Here, you can check and read the document before signing it. Make sure all documents are filled accordingly and correctly before continuing to the next stage.

    - If you have never created an e-signature, then the “Create eSignature” button appears. You can click the button to create an electronic signature.

    A pop-up sign appears. You can write your name in the Full name column and your initials in the Initials column to get the electronic signature option. To learn how to create an electronic signature in more detail, click here.

  4. If all documents are correct and appropriate, you can tick the checkbox "You will sign the documents above. By checking this, you will be legally bound to this document, under Mekari Sign Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.” then click “Sign documents”.

    If your signature is PSrE registered, then you are only allowed to sign a maximum of 5 documents at once. If it exceeds this amount, a popup will appear as follows. Check the checkbox and click "Continue" to return to the Preview page, where you need to re-sort which documents you will sign according to the maximum number.

    Learn more about what an Electronic Certification Provider (PSrE) is, through our blog, by clicking here.

  5. Next, you will be asked to enter your PIN. Click "Submit" if the PIN is correct.

    Currently, the PIN system is only available on Mekari Sign PSrE. If you are a global user, you do not need to enter a PIN because your signature will be processed immediately.

  6. Then, the system will process the signatures of these documents and you can wait until the process is complete. Click “Back to All inboxes” to monitor the signature status.

This is a guide on how to sign digital documents with an electronic signature on Mekari Sign.