How to Change Password through the Profile Menu on the Mekari Partner Platform

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You can change the password on your Mekari Partner Platform account via Profile menu.
Here are the steps.

  1. Go to Profile menu.
  2. Click “Change password”.
  3. Then a 'change password' pop up bar will appear consisting of your current password column, new password, and new password confirmation which you can fill in.

    Important Creating a password must meet the following requirements:
    - Minimum total of 8 characters
    - Maximum 70 characters.
    - Minimum 1 uppercase letter.
    - Minimum 1 lowercase letter.
    - Minimum 1 letter number.
    - Minimum 1 special character letter (such as: !_@, etc).

  4. Then click “Save changes” to save the password changes.

    If you forget your password and cannot log in to the Mekari Partner Platform, you can directly contact our team via Whatsapp and request a password reset.