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  1. When can I use the Mekari Partner Platform (MPP)?
    You can use the Mekari Partner Platform after your account migration has been completed and you will receive an email with the subject '[MIGRATION DONE] Welcome to Mekari Partner Platform!'.
  2. I already have a previous referral code, will it change when I use MPP?
    That's right, the referral code and Referral Link Agent will change. However, you don't need to re-register because your data will be migrated automatically by our Referral team.
  3. Can I still use Tapfiliate?
    Currently Tapfiliate can still be used for Mekari Referral Agents who have previously used Tapfiliate and have not yet experienced migration.
  4. What should I do to get started with MPP?
    If you previously registered as a Mekari Referral Agent, please check your previously registered email for details on the phases of using the Mekari Partner Platform.
  5. Is this a paid platform?
    This site is completely free and does not require any payments.
  6. How do I see the leads that I have provided previously? Can I see where the progress has reached?
    Tutorials for checking your leads and seeing lead progress can be accessed in the "Program" guidebook. You can see the tutorial for commissions in the "Commission" guidebook.
  7. How do I withdraw my commission? Can I find out that my commission has been transferred?
    To disburse commissions, you simply need to monitor your commission status in the "Commission" module. If the status changes to "Paid", the commission will automatically enter your account.
  8. Can I change my personal data?
    You can open the Profile module then click "Request data changes". Next you will be connected to WhatsApp customer service Referral (only via chat).
  9. If I have further questions, where can I contact you?
    You can contact the WhatsApp customer service referral number at +62 813-5994-4132.