How to Use and Submit Document Templates

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After creating a document template, then you can send documents using the template. You can send documents to multiple recipients at once.

Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Template menu.
  2. Click “Action” on the document you want to create and then select Create document.
  3. Add the recipient's contact by selecting the name stored in the Contact in the Penerima Kuasa column.
  4. If all recipients have been filled in, click "Next" to continue.

    - You can also click “Add recipient” to add a recipient for a copy of the document. For information, the action button cannot be clicked, and if you want to change it, you can do so by modifying the document template.
    - Then, you can shift the six point on the left, to change the order of parties who will receive emails, where in the first order, you will receive emails first, then after the first party signs the document, then the second party will receive emails.

  5. Next, enter the name of the document and select the folder where you saved the document. And click “Next”.
  6. You will enter the Review and Send page, here you can change recipients or add copy recipients with a click “Edit”.
  7. You can also add a subject and email message outside of the predefined subject and email messages.

    The subject and body contents of the email will be filled in automatically if the template you created has already been filled in as well.

  8. Check "Send automatic reminders" so that the recipient of the document will receive a reminder via email regarding the letter that needs to be signed.

    - The send automatic reminders feature will send reminders via email 5 times, namely the first 3 reminders will be sent via email every 2 days. Then the 4th reminder will be sent 30 days before the document expires, and the last reminder will be sent 7 days before the document expires.
    - Checklist the “Set your contract date” if your letter has an expiration date. Then set the effective date and expiration date of the letter.

  9. Click “Send document” to send the document.

    - For information, if one or more of the signatories on the document have not been verified by eKYC and the document maker does not have sufficient eKYC quota or does not have quota for documents/eSignature/eSettings, then the document maker cannot continue sending the document. Document makers can click "Top Up" in the eKYC quota section and the top-up process will be immediately assisted by the Mekari Sign team. Please contact the Mekari Sign team here for the eKYC quota top-up process.
    - It should be noted, if the top-up process is not carried out, you cannot continue to the next point.

  10. Then the email received by the document recipient/signer will look like this. And signatories can click "Review & sign" to view and sign the document.