How to Make a Document Template on Mekari Sign

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In Mekari Sign, you can create document templates. You can use this template to sign documents that have the same writing template without having to create documents repeatedly, making it easier for you to manage documents. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Template menu.
  2. To create a template, you can click “Create template”.
  3. Then, click “Browse” to upload a file. And click “Next” to continue.
  4. Click “Add signer” to add a signer.
  5. Then the Add signer pop-up will appear, here you can enter the role of the signer/recipient of the document. For example, power of attorney, legal representatives, and so on.

    - You can also add another signer by clicking “Add another signer”.
    - You can add up to 25 signers.

  6. Select the action to be performed by the signer/recipient of the document. Select Needs to sign for the need to sign action and select Receives a copy to receive a document copy.
  7. Then, click “Save”.
  8. To add a signature/initials/eMaterai, you need to first select the role that will provide the signature/initials/eMaterai.
  9. Then select the type of signature (signature/initials) you want to give and place the position of the signature/initials in the desired section.
  10. Then, click "Next" to go to the next page.
  11. Enter the template name in the Template name column.
  12. Select the document category in the Document category column.
  13. And select the folder where you will save the document.
  14. Then, click “Next”.
  15. Review the document template information that you have created and if there is a discrepancy, click “Edit”.
  16. Then enter the subject and email message in the fields provided. This subject and email message will be applied when the template is used for document creation, in the Review and save stage.

    - Checklist “Send automatic reminders” if you want the recipient of the email to get a reminder about the letter to be signed.
    - The send automatic reminders feature will send reminders via email 5 times, namely the first 3 reminders will be sent via email every 2 days. Then the 4th reminder will be sent 30 days before the document expires, and the last reminder will be sent 7 days before the document expires.
    - The reminder will run when the template has been made into a document and is ready to be sent.

  17. If everything is correct, click “Create template”.
  18. Then the template has been successfully created.
  19. You can click “Actions” to perform actions on document templates.

    - Create document: Create and send document
    - Preview template: See a preview of the created template.
    - Edit: Edit the template.
    - Move: Move template to other folder.
    - Delete: Delete template