How to Use the Bulk Upload Feature on Mekari Sign

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You can upload documents in bulk (up to 15) using the Bulk upload feature in Mekari Sign. But beforehand, make sure you have your account installed with Add On Bulk Upload, before uploading documents in bulk. This feature is free for users with the Business package. For users with the Pro package, please contact sales to subscribe to this feature. And for users with the Starter package, upgrade your package to Pro and contact sales for the additional fee.

For more details, here's how to use the Bulk Upload feature in Mekari Sign.

  1. If you haven't installed the Bulk Upload Add On, you can first install it on your Mekari Sign account. Click "Get Consultation" to get a consultation regarding the add on feature.
  2. If the Bulk upload add on is installed, you can go to the Document menu and select All inboxes.
  3. Then click “Upload Document” and select Bulk Upload.

    If you haven't installed the bulk upload add on, an "Upgrade" icon will appear next to the words bulk upload. And when clicked, you will be directed to the first page of Mekari Sign.

  4. Then, you will be directed to an upload page like this.
  5. Drag your document in the box, or click “Browse” or drag and drop the document to be uploaded to select the document directly.

    A maximum of 15 documents for one upload, with a maximum size of 25 MB.

  6. You can also add group names to group documents that are being uploaded together.

    The group name has been given automatically, but you can still change or add to the existing one

  7. Click “Next” to continue.
  8. If all documents have been uploaded, a tab will appear at the top of the page.
  9. On this page, you can add a recipient list who will sign and receive documents by clicking "Add Recipient".
  10. Then a pop up like this will appear. Add the role of the recipient who will sign or receive the softcopy of the document. Then click "Save" to save.
  11. You can also add sign fields and e-Sellions (if any) to other documents by clicking on one of the Signature Fields/Auto Fields, then clicking “Apply”.

    - Placement of field sign or eSeal on all documents is determined based on coordinate points. However, if you upload a document with a different number of pages and the field is placed on a page that is not owned by other documents, then the field will only appear in that document.
    File A, consists of 2 pages
    File B, consists of 1 page
    So, if the sign/stamp/automatic field is placed on the 2nd page in file A, then the sign/stamp/automatic field will not be inputted to file B, because file B does not have a 2nd page.
    - If you are a document maker and want to provide an e-Setting, you can tick Provided by document maker.

  12. You must fill in the Document Type, based on the type of document to be signed. After that click "Next" to continue.
  13. In the next stage, the user can add a recipient list for each document input based on the signer and receive copy that has been predetermined.
  14. If all documents have been added to the recipient list, click “Next”.
  15. Then, fill in the file name and select a folder for you to save the document. Then click "Next" to continue.
  16. The last stage, review the documents that will be sent for signature. If it is appropriate, you can click "Send Document" to send the document.
    Bulk upload - Step 5 - Review and save - Default.jpg

    For information, if one or more of the signatories on the document have not been verified by eKYC and the document maker does not have sufficient eKYC quota or does not have quota for documents/eSignature/eSettings, then the document maker cannot continue sending the document. Document makers can click "Top Up" in the eKYC quota section and the top up process will be immediately assisted by the Mekari Sign team. Please contact the Mekari Sign team here for the eKYC quota top up process.
    It should be noted, if the top up process is not carried out, you cannot continue to the next point.

  1. A pop-up like this will appear if the document has been sent. Click "Ok, Got it" to continue. 
  2. Next, the documents you have sent will appear on the All Inboxes page. Here you can also see whether the document has been signed or not based on the status.

    - If the document creator has the role of one of the signers, then the signature of the document maker will be filled in immediately in all documents that require the signature of the document maker.
    - If the document maker is also the party that affixes the e-Sellion, then the e-Sellion will be immediately stamped on all documents that require an e-Seal.