How to Download Electronic Signature and Stamp Usage Report in Mekari Sign

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In Mekari Sign, you can download electronic signature and eMeterai usage reports from the Mekari Sign dashboard. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Document menu.
  2. Click "Export CSV" at the top of the document menu.
  3. You can set the time period and status of the document you want to download the usage report. Then click "Export CSV".

    Here is the date filter display that you can choose.
    Some of the time options that you can choose are:
    - Today: documents created today
    - Last 30 days: documents created in the last 30 days
    - Last 3 months: documents created in the last 3 months
    - Custom: documents created in the time period you have specified

  4. The following is a report on the use of electronic signatures.
    Column Explanation
    Document ID Document number
    Document Status The status of the document such as signed and sent
    Signing Status The status of the signature such as completed, in_progress, declined, or voided
    Sender Name Name of the document sender
    Sender Email Email of the document sender
    Created at Date of document creation
    Sent at Date the document was sent
    Completed at Date the document was signed
    Voided at Date of cancellation of document sending
    Void Reason Reason for cancellation of document
    Recipient Email Email of the document recipient
    Recipient Role The role of the document recipient such as needs to sign or receives a copy
    Name Name of the document recipient
    File Name Document name
    Email Subject  Subject of email
    Number of eMeterai Number of eStamps used in the document
    Type of Meterai Type of document to which eMeterai is affixed
    Stamped at Date and time of eMeterai affixation
    Stamping Status Status of the eMeterai affixed
    Signature Type Type of signature used
    Number of eSignature Number of signatures affixed in the document