How to do PSrE Manual eKYC Verification

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If you experience problems in the form of a failed eKYC verification process, you can now verify eKYC manually, where the verification process will be assisted directly by the team from Tilaka, making it easier for you to issue digital certificates immediately.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Account tab and select Digital Certificate in the Setting Menu, and you will be directed to the following display indicating that the eKYC verification process has failed. Click on "Manual verification" to do manual verification.

  2. Then, you will be directed to the data verification page. You can click "Change data" if the data presented does not match.

  3. Then upload your selfie photo and click "Next".

    Make sure the selfie photo you upload is clear with the following conditions:
    - Do not use facial attributes (Glasses, Hats, Masks)
    - Make sure the lighting is good, not too dark & not too bright

  4. Next, you will be directed to enter a 6-digit OTP which will be sent to your email for the verification process. Enter the code into the column provided then click "Send".
  5. Then, after that the team from Tilaka will send you an email to schedule an interview (by video call). You can do the interview according to the schedule that has been agreed with the team from Tilaka.

    The data verification process will be carried out by interviewing using the zoom link sent by the Tilaka Team to you. The Tilaka team will ask about your personal data related to the eKYC verification process, such as name and date of birth, and the interview process will be recorded for data validation purposes.

  6. After the interview process, the Tilaka team will verify and validate the data that you have provided during the interview.
  7. If your eKYC verification process is approved (accepted), then you will receive an email that your eKYC verification has been successful and your digital certificate will be issued after you confirm the data.
  8. Meanwhile, if your eKYC verification process is rejected, then you need to do the eKYC process from the beginning again. Click here to do the eKYC process.