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You can now visit the Marketplace from your Mekari Account, where you can view many add-ons features (premium features & third-party applications) available at Mekari. Add-ons on the Marketplace are additional apps made up of numerous programs, both developed by Mekari and integrated with other online software. You can therefore maximize your company needs on the Mekari software you use by applying add-ons.

Types and examples of add-ons available in Mekari products:

1. Additional features

  - Talenta: Talenta Portal, Talenta Forms+, Talent Management, Talenta Insight+, dll.

  - Jurnal: Jurnal Approval, Jurnal Multi Product Pricing, Jurnal Advance Invoicing, dll.

  - Klikpajak: Sales and Tax Invoice Reconciliation.

  - Qontak: Chatbot, API Integration.

2. Integrations

  - Talenta: Talentics, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Odoo, dll.

  - Jurnal: Moka POS, Dealpos, Hellobill, dll.

A. Overview Marketplace

The methods to enter the Marketplace on a Mekari account are as follows:

  1. Log in to
  2. Enter the email and password of your Mekari account and click "Sign in".
    Front view Mekari Acc.png
  3. Select tab Marketplace.

    - On Mekari Talenta, you can access this Marketplace page at the Dashboard menu in the Applications section.

    - On Jurnal, you can access the Marketplace page, by clicking the icon “six dots” at the top menu and click “More from Mekari Marketplace”.
    - On Klikpajak, you can access the Marketplace page by clicking the “six point” icon at the top menu and click “More from Mekari Marketplace”.
    Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 17.10.24.png
    - On Qontak, you can access the Marketplace page by clicking the "six-dot" icon on the top menu. Then, click "More from Mekari Marketplace".
    Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 17.28.15.png

  4. The Marketplace page is divided into 2, namely Explore and All add-ons, as follows:

    A. Explore
    On the Explore page, you can access various add-ons based on specific product features (by clicking the Talenta/Jurnal/Qontak banner) or categories such as Data management, Efficiency, Engagement, etc.
    You can also use the available search bar to discover the add-ons program you need, and there is a filter by add-ons type, namely additional features and integrations, to find add-ons features that meet your requirements.
    Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 16.58.05.png

    B. All Add-ons
    This page will offer a list of add-ons features that you can activate. To identify add-ons features suitable for your demands, utilize the filters by product and by category columns. There is also a filter by add-ons type, namely additional features and integrations

B. How to Activate Add-ons Features

You can activate the add-ons option by filling out the form provided or by providing application recommendations to the owner/super admin.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Find and then click the box of the app you want to see in more detail.
    Screenshot 2023-07-17 165548.png
  2. Click “Contact sales” to activate add-ons feature.
  3. You will be directed to fill put the application form. Click “Submit request” for additional add-ons. 
  1. After that your purchase application will be immediately processed by our team.
  2. However, if your role Anda is not as Owner/Super Admin of the company, then the tab that appears is Request to use.

    Currently, the Request to use tab can only be used on Talenta, Jurnal dan Qontak products.

  3. Then you are directed to send an email submitting application recommendations as follows to the Owner/Super Admin. Click “Send” to send the email. 

    You can only send an email submitting application recommendations 1x/application to the Owner/Super Admin.

  4. The email address for submitting application recommendations which will be reciieved by the Owner/Super Admin.