How to Buy eMeterai on Mekari Sign

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In Mekari Sign, besides you can manage your eMeterai usage, you can also directly purchase eMeterai, making it easier for you to manage documents end-to-end. You can purchase eMeterai on the eMeterai Menu. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to eMeterai menu.
  2. Click "Buy eMeterai".
  3. Enter the number of stamps you wish to purchase and click "Pay now" to make the payment.

    eMeterai is sold at IDR 10,000 with a minimum purchase of 3 pieces.

  4. Then, you will be directed to the payment billing page. Then, select the payment method you want to use and follow the steps to complete your eMeterai purchase.
  5. After the purchase is successful, your eMeterai amount will immediately increase according to your purchase amount.
  6. Select the Purchase History tab to view your purchase history.