eMeterai Menu Overview

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The eMeterai menu is a menu that serves to manage the stamps in your Mekari Sign account. Electronic stamps are official and legally valid for document validation. This feature can help you to avoid the possibility of running out of stamps and can facilitate the purchase of digital stamps. The following is a brief explanation of the eMeterai menu:

No Button name Explaination
1 Buy eMeterai to make an eMeterai purchase.
2 Use eMeterai use this button to use eMeterai on a new document or draft document.
3 Purchase History eMeterai Purchase History section, you can view transaction details such as Transaction ID, who purchased the eMeterai, purchase date, quantity, price, and eMeterai purchase status (paid, unpaid, or expired).
4 eMeterai available show information about the number of eMeterai available.
5 eMeterai used show information about the number of eMeterai that have been used.
6 Date filters to filter documents by date.
7 Search to search for eMeterai id or document name.
8 eMeterai table show detailed information on eMeterai that have been used.