How to Register Account at Mekari Sign

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Mekari Sign has collaborated with the Electronic Certification Provider (PSrE) to provide CA Kominfo-certified signatures. Through our service, you can have an electronic signature with legal force equivalent to a wet signature.

Mekari Sign is also an Authorised Partner of Peruri as an eMeterai provider, so you can affix eMeterai instantly and securely. To start using Mekari Sign, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Free Trial".

    If you already have an account with one of Mekari's other products, you can simply sign in using the email and password from your Mekari Account.

  3. Complete the required information to create a Mekari Sign account, such as full name, email, and phone number.
  4. Enter the password you would like to use to Sign in to Mekari Sign, and click "Create account" to continue.

    Terms and conditions for using a password on Mekari Sign:
    - Minimum 8 characters
    - There is a combination of upper and lower case letters
    - There is a combination of letters and numbers
    - There is at least one use of symbols (example: $, !, @, #)

  5. Complete your business information, such as the name, city, industry of your company, job title, and size of your company, and click "Start using Mekari eSign" to continue.
  6. After your account is successfully created, you can sign in to your Mekari Sign account, then you can click "Email verification" on your Mekari Sign account.
  7. Then, you will receive an email to verify your email as follows. Click "Verify email" and you will be directed back to the Mekari Sign website with your account status that has been automatically verified.
  8. After you have successfully verified your email, you can perform the eKYC process, which serves to issue a digital certificate, so that the electronic signature you provide is official and legally recognized by the state. Click here to do eKYC on Mekari Sign.