How to Approval Document on Mekari Sign

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After setting approval on the document, you can then approve the document that requires approval. However, only users who have been previously selected can approve the document. Here are the steps.

  1. On the Document menu, click the “Need My Approval” tab.
  2. You can click the “Review” button to see the document's contents.
  3. Then on the document that requires approval, you can click the "down arrow" then select Approve to approve the document or Reject to reject the document.

    You can click “Export CVS” to download the document report in CSV format.

  4. If several documents need to be approved, you can check the checkbox on the documents you want to approve.
  5. Then click “Actions” and select the action you want to take.
  6. Documents that have been approved by all approvers will have Approved status.
  7. Meanwhile, documents that have not been approved by all approvers will have Awaiting approval status.