How to set Approval on Mekari Sign

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In Mekari Sign, you can set approval for certain documents. Using this feature, you can determine who can approve the document. By setting approval, the confidentiality of documents can be maintained so that only certain users can see the document's contents. Here are the steps.

This feature is available on the Pro and Jurnal 360 package.

  1. Enter the Settings menu.
  2. The click the “Approvals” tab.
  3. To create a new approval rule, click the “Create” button.
  4. Enter the Approval name and Description for the approval.
  5. Next, in the Approval layer, you can determine whether all selected users must approve or only some users can approve.
  6. Then select the user who will approve.

    You can also add an approval layer by clicking “Add layer”.

  7. If approval has been completed, click “Save”.
  8. So the approval rules have been successfully created.
  9. You can click the "Action" button and select Edit to change the approval or Delete to delete the approval.