How to Upload Transaction Documents on Mekari Stream Mobile

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After carrying out the integration process, you can easily upload documents transactions on Mekari Stream mobile. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the Mekari Stream application on your mobile.
  2. Then on the following page, click “New snap”.
  3. Then you can choose the transaction document upload method.

    You can only upload transaction documents maximum 1 file in PDF or 5 photos.

  4. Then you will be directed to fill in the complete data from the transaction document. Select the transaction type which consists of Purchase and Expense. Then click “Document template”.

    The document template consists of Invoice and Bank statement. Click “Apply” to continue.

  5. Next, fill in the document name, tag, and notes (optional). You can also enable the toggle Auto-approved document. Make sure all the data is complete correct then click “Submit”.

    By activating the Auto-approved document toggle then Accurate data entry will be entered into the database instantly. Manual approval is required if the uploaded transaction documents lack clarity or data accuracy that the system has read is calculated to be below 90% accurate.

  6. Next, the following notification will appear indicating that the document transaction uploaded successfully. The document will be saved on the page main Mekari Stream.
  7. Furthermore, you can also view the details of the transaction document by clicking one of the documents as in the image above will then appear following.

That is how to upload transaction documents via Mekari Stream Mobile. learn Also related to how to upload documents via the Mekari Stream website here.