How to Upload Transaction Documents via Email through Mekari Stream

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Currently, you can upload transaction documents via email to partners or users to get document validation on Mekari Stream. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the Settings menu, then select “Company profile”.
  2. Then, you can copy the email address below according to your needs.

    - Email description in Mekari Stream inbox:
    1. Purchase: Email to send Purchase documents.
    2. Expense: Email to send Expense documents
    3. Bank statement: Email to send bank statement documents
    - Users can copy the email address on the Company Profile page, and share the address with other roles or non-users who want to submit transaction documents to Mekari Stream. For example, you want to send a Purchase document. In this case, you can simply send a document attachment via that email address.

  3. Then send/forward the document in an email attachment. Make sure the document size limit does not exceed 20 MB, the document is in PDF format, and the email address is correct.
  4. Then the user or partner will receive the document via the Index page and the document will be validated.

That is how you email transaction docs to Mekari Stream. Learn how to validate transaction papers here.