How to Upload Transaction Documents on Mekari Stream Web

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After completing the integration process, transaction papers can be quickly uploaded to Mekari Stream. Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the Documents menu, then select Index.
  2. Then click the “All documents” tab  and click “Upload document” to be able to upload documents.
  3. Next you will be directed to the following page. Upload the transaction document then fill in the transaction type, document template, document name, tags, and notes (optional). Then click "Upload".

    - You can only upload a maximum of 5 files image in JPG/PNG format or 1 PDF.
    - The format of the uploaded document must be the same.
    A variety of document templates including receipts and invoices.
    Choice of document types you can choose from Purchase invoice and expenses.

  4. After the transaction document has been successfully uploaded, the document status will change to 'Processed', indicating that it is available for validation.

That is how to upload documents on the Mekari Stream web. Also learn about how to upload documents via Email.