How to Integrate Mekari Stream with Mekari Jurnal

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Mekari Stream allows you, as the Owner, to upload all transaction data to Mekari Jurnal. This is designed to make it easier for you to manage each transaction recording procedure that has been completed. The following are the steps for combining Mekari Stream with Mekari Jurnal.

  1. Go to Integration menu.
  2. Then on the Mekari Journal tab, click "Connect".

    If you are not in the Owner role, then you are unable to integrate. In this case, you can only see integration page only.

  3. Then, you will be redirected to the following page. Fill in the Journal API key, then check the following toggle which states that you have agreed to the applicable terms and conditions. Then click "Allow".
  4. Next, the following confirmation pop up will appear. Click “Confirm” to continue.
  5. If the integration process has been successful, the following notification will appear.
  6. Once the integration is active, you can make changes to the integrated company account. Return to the Integration page, then click "Change Account".
  7. Then you will be directed to the following page. Re-enter the Jurnal API key and check the following toggle. Next, click "Allow".
  8. Then the following information will appear. Click “Confirm” to continue.
  9. Then you will see a notification indicating that your account change process has been successfully integrated.
  10. Apart from that, you can also cancel an active integration by clicking "Revoke" on the following Integration page.
  11. Then the following information pop up will appear. Click “Revoke Integration” to disable the integration.

That's how to integrate Mekari Stream with Mekari Jurnal. Next, you will learn how to upload transaction documents via the Mekari Stream web.