How to Subscribe to Packages on Mekari Stream

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Mekari Stream has packages consisting of Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. To be able to access all the features on Mekari Stream, you need to subscribe to a package on Mekari Stream by contacting our team first. Following are the details of the available packages.


  Starter Pro Enterprise
Include Credit 300 credits per month 450 credits per month 700 credits per month
Credit Rollover 60 days 60 days 60 days
Charge Per page Per page Per page
Data Retention 12 months after the expiration date 12 months after the expiration date 12 months after the expiration date
Credit applicable to 1 company 1 company 1 company
Access to Mekari Stream Mobile App and Web App.
Input transaction (text, picture, and document) from our intelligent chat agent.
Document OCR Service.
Integration to Jurnal and other accounting software in the future.
Spreadsheet integration (tabular).
Export data to CSV, XML, and JSON.

These are the packages available on Mekari Stream. Next, you will learn how to integrate Mekari Stream with Mekari Jurnal.