How to Sign up on Mekari Stream Web

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Mekari Stream is a system that will make it easier for you to upload transaction documents that have been carried out. Based on this, several options will be available for uploading transaction documents, namely by uploading documents via web, mobile or email.

After uploading transaction documents, the Mekari Stream system will automatically extract your documents in JSON and CSV format, so that the data extraction process becomes easier.

To gain access to Mekari Stream, please create an account on the website. The following are the steps to sign up for Mekari Stream.

If you have integrated Mekari Stream and Mekari Journal, then the data that has been processed in Mekari Stream will be uploaded automatically to Mekari Jurnal. The data appears on the Mekari Jurnal menu and can be accessed through the Purchase or Expense menus.

  1. Go to, then click “Sign in”.
  2. After that click “Create account”.
  3. Next, fill in your full name, email, telephone number and password. In this case, you are required to re-enter the password you created in the Re-type password column. Then click "Continue".
  4. Also fill in data in the form of company telephone number, company address, province, city, postal code, type of industry, and number of employees. Make sure all data has been filled in correctly. Then click "Create account" to create an account.
  5. Next, the following pop up notification will appear stating that your account creation process has been successful. Click “Continue signing in” to continue.
  6. Then re-enter the email address and password that you previously created. Then next you can start accessing Mekari Stream.

That is how to sign up for Mekari Stream. Also learn about how to subscribe to packages on Mekari Stream here.